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Status: PGRO Recommended List 2018, R


Wizard is a high yielding variety producing large, attractive seed with a very good protein content. It is suited for use in the animal feed market and has excellent premium export potential for North Africa and the Middle East where it is used for splitting. Wizard has relatively short straw, is medium branching, stands well and has early maturity, with the added benefit of good Ascochyta resistance.


Wizard yields well on a wide variety of soil types in all locations and is set to remain a popular and widely grown variety.

Status: PGRO Recommended List 2018, R


Honey is an early maturing,shorter, very stiff strawed variety with a more compact habit than Wizard. The combination of excellent standing ability and early maturity makes Honey ideally suited to higher fertility and moisture production areas and also the North and West of the UK.


Honey produces large, attractive seed suitable for the export market

Status: PGRO Recommended List 2018, R


Bumble is a high yielding, white hilum winter bean variety.


It has moderate length straw, good standing ability and relatively early maturity.

Like the hugely popular variety Wizard, Bumble has large grain and a pale hilum and is suitable for export, for use in splitting and falafel, as well as for the animal feed market.

Status: PGRO Recommended List 2018, P1


Vespa is new to the PGRO Recommended List 2018.

It produces high yields and has short straw with good standing ability. Vespa has a pale hilum and good seed size potentially for the export market.


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