winter beans

Beans are grown considerably upon the strong lands of Worcestershire, and none but the greatest slovens think of sowing them broadcast; they are generally set by hand or drilled by machine; in the former women and children are principally employed, who set 3 to 4 bushels per acre, at 1s.6d per bushel. With the allowance of a quart of cyder per day each, the average expense of setting may be reckoned about 8s. per acre.

"General View of the Agriculture of the county of Worcester" 1813 by W. Pitt

Things have changed somewhat since the 19th century. The field bean crop has benefited from copious research detailing all aspects of establishment and crop husbandry. The results of this work are outlined in this web site to enable you to utilise crop husbandry to its optimum efficiency and to maximise yields.

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